RIN INC 2017

Hilton Metropole Hotel, Brighton, UK

27 - 30 NOV 2017  - Innovations in Autonomous & Resilient PNT -

RIN INC2017 will bring together the Positioning, Navigation and Timing community around three major themes: Autonomy, Resilient PNT and Sensor & Data Fusion.

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The International Navigation Conference 2017

Innovations in Autonomous & Resilient PNT

As well as the latest technical innovations and technology updates, the conference will cover the legal, ethical, human cognitive and regulatory issues associated with realising new opportunities.

The presentations, exhibition and networking at RIN INC2017 are designed to broaden knowledge and provide a range of perspectives on topics as diverse as artificial intelligence, authentication, privacy, machine learning and augmented reality in location applications.

In addition, on 27 November the Resilient PNT Forum will meet in the afternoon, in partnership with RIN INC2017, following the very well attended meeting at RIN INC2016.

We look forward to seeing you in Brighton 27-30 November 2017.

 For Industry

For Industry RIN INC2017 provides the opportunity to exhibit and demo while meeting the key PNT community across the three days and hear the latest research and government updates.

 For Academia

For Academia RIN INC2017 provides the platform to present and hear latest research in all the key areas and to gain perspective on industry needs and opportunities.

 For Government

For Government, RIN INC2017 provides much more than just technical updates and includes coverage of policy, ethical, legal and privacy aspects as well as the chance to engage across the PNT community during the conference.

Bob Cockshott
Chair RIN INC2017 Organising Committee
John Pottle
Director Royal Institute of Navigation

Conference Keynotes

We are delighted to confirm the following keynotes for RIN INC2017:

Increasing autonomy and related topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality raise not only technical, but also regulatory, privacy and legal questions that will be examined in this theme.

  • Connected Autonomous Vehicles and Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Autonomous Land Vehicle Capability and Technology
  • Ethical, legal and regulatory considerations for Drones

  • Galileo Authentication, Interoperability & Accuracy
  • Overview of Clock State-of-the-Art and Development
  • Economic Impact to the United Kingdom of GNSS Loss
  • Cyber Threats and GNSS

  • Galileo 2nd Generation
  • Human factors and autonomy

For more details please contact Louisa Chanter, RIN Events at events@rin.org.uk or telephone +44 (0)7557 682 910.


Keynote Speakers & Panel Chairs and invited Speakers

The following keynote speakers presented at RIN INC2017:

Rafal Zbikowski
"Connected Autonomous Vehicles & Cyber-Physical Systems"
Professor Rafal Zbikowski

Professor of Control Engineering, Centre for Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems Cranfield University

Richard Cuerden
"Autonomous Land Vehicle Capability & Technology Overview"
Richard Cuerden

Chief Scientist for Engineering and Technology TRL

Marco Falcone
"Galileo Authentication, Interoperability & Accuracy"
Marco Falcone

Galileo System Manager European Space Agency

"Overview of Clock State-of-the-Art and Development: NPL and Globally"
Dr Elizabeth Laier English


Andy Proctor
"Economic Impact to the United Kingdom of GNSS Loss"
Andy Proctor

Innovation Lead, Satellite Navigation and PNT UK Delegate to the ESA Board of Navigation Innovate UK

Guy Buesnel
"Cyber Threats and GNSS: Review and Outlook"
Guy Buesnel

PNT Security Technologist Spirent Positioning Technology

Miguel Mantega
"Galileo 2nd Generation: What will it do and what can it offer? "
Miguel Mantega

European Space Agency

Martin Unwin
"The Use and Misuse of GNSS in Space"
Dr Martin Unwin

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

Andy Sage
"The Reality of Drones Today and Look Ahead"
Andy Sage

National Air Traffic Services

Frank van Diggelen
"Android Raw Data Workshop"
Dr Frank van Diggelen

Android Location Lead, Google

Ed Hinds
"Quantum Navigation & Timing"
Prof Ed Hinds

Imperial College & Royal Society

Gary Burnett
"Human factors and autonomy"
Gary Burnett

University of Nottingham

Michael Jones
Resilient PNT Panel Chair
Michael Jones

Roke Manor Research Ltd

Gary Burnett
Sensor & Data Fusion Panel Chair
Ramsey Faragher

CEO and Founder of Focal Point Positioning Ltd

Professor Terry Moore
Professor Terry Moore is Director of the Nottingham Geospatial Institute (NGI) at the University of Nottingham; where he is the Professor of Satellite Navigation. He holds a BSc degree in Civil Engineering and PhD degree in Space Geodesy, both from the University of Nottingham. He has over 30 years of research experience in surveying, positioning and navigation technologies and is a consultant and adviser to European and UK government organisations and industry. He is a Fellow, and a Member of Council, of both the Institute of Navigation and of the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN). In 2013 was awarded the RIN Harold Spencer-Jones Gold Medal and he is currently the Senior Vice-President of the RIN. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.
"Navigating without a Navigator: Positioning for Autonomous Vehicles."
Professor Terry Moore (invited)

University of Nottingham

Zita Patai
Dr Patai's work has focused on the interaction between long-term memory and other cognitive domains, particularly navigation and attention. Her current work investigates how the recency of memories for locations may influence navigation strategies and the interaction with the environment. Additionally, she is interested how the structure of the environment changes perceptions of distance and time. She uses a variety of tools including fMRI, M/EEG and neuropsychological tests.
"Human Cognition & Navigation"
Zita Patai

University College London

Call for Posters/Papers

Initial Deadline: 15 July 2017

The call for papers is now closed, please contact events@rin.org.uk

Theme 1
  • Autonomy

  • Connected Autonomous Vehicles
  • Drones
  • Test and verification
  • Regulatory and legal aspects
  • Future science and technology

    - Cognitive Navigation
    - Artificial Intelligence
    - Machine Learning

  • Regulatory framework
  • Test and verification
  • Legal environment and ethics
Theme 2
  • Resilient Positioning,
    Navigation & Timing

  • GNSS vulnerabilities
  • Jamming & Spoofing
  • Cyber attacks
  • Detection & mitigation approaches
  • Robust PNT

    - Receivers
    - Systems
    - Application

  • Brexit implications
Theme 3
  • Sensor and data fusion

  • Indoor / underground PNT
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Machine learning
  • Augmented reality
  • Big data analytics
  • Robotics
  • Biology
  • Human factors
  • Privacy and legal framework
  • Blind and partially-sighted navigation

Sponsorship, Exhibition & Demo Space

Do you want to become a Sponsor/Exhibitor of the RIN INC2017?

RIN INC2017 will bring together the Positioning, Navigation and Timing community around three major themes: Autonomy, Resilient PNTand Sensor & Data Fusion.

An extensive exhibition and demonstration space is available. All refreshments and lunches will be served in the exhibition and demo space on the first floor. The space is large enough to offer the potential for exhibitors to demo new technology or approaches aligned with the conference themes.

All refreshment and lunch breaks will be served only in the exhibition and demo space.
Exhibitors will be featured on the conference web site and will be given prominence in all conference materials.
Demos will also be featured in pre-conference materials and introduced to the conference attendees in plenary prior to the agreed demo time(s).
Sponsorship packages are available.

Offers can be downloaded here and may be tailored to meet sponsor and promotion needs. Free exhibition offer for Micro Companies: 9 people or fewer and turn over of less than Euro 2M. Please contact us for further information.

The Venue:

Hilton Metropole Hotel

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Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2FU, United Kingdom

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from the International Navigation Conference

Read what delegates, speakers and exhibitors have said about previous International Navigation Conferences:

"RIN INC16 was superb, and a highlight on the Navigation calendar. Excellent keynotes and a diverse mix of speakers, combined with tremendous networking opportunities, make this a must-attend event. The International Navigation Conference is rapidly becoming the most important navigation event this side of the Atlantic."
Michael Jones

Roke Manor Research

"A fascinating gathering of navigation experts and professionals. RIN INC15 was a great opportunity. I was very pleased I was able to attend."
Mr Dana Goward

Resilient Navigation & Timing Foundation, USA

"Once again RIN INC does not disappoint. Excellent questions on big topics, from ships to cars to planes. Such a pleasure to attend and an honour to be invited to share thoughts."
Professor Paul Newman

University of Oxford

"RIN INC brings together experts from both the navigation and timing communities. It is an excellent platform to debate issues relating to GNSS vulnerabilities and eLoran as an alternative for Position Navigation & Timing technology."
Prof Charles Curry

Managing Director, Chronos Technology Ltd

"Interesting themes with keynote speakers contributing to discussion and reflection amongst the delegates, looking forward to the next event."
Lt Cdr Odd Sveinung Hareide

Royal Norwegian Naval Academy

"RIN INC2016 provided a wonderful opportunity to see navigation problems being solved by a variety of technologies, and to explore ways in which these could be integated with human cognition to help solve the navigation challenges of the future. "
Kate Jeffery

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

"With a calendar crowded by conferences, it's hard to know which to attend. RIN INC stands out with its combination of high quality technical presentations and wide ranging topics by invited speakers. From how your brain navigates, to how to land on a comet, and many interesting topics in between. This conference is on my must-attend list."
Dr. Frank van Diggelen


"RIN INC 2016 was conducted professionally. The conference papers covered a variety of topics on GNSS and its applications. I enjoyed networking with GNSS experts"
Dr.S V Kibe

GNSS India

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